Lyubka SLAVOVA (Bulgaria)

Poems by Lyubka SLAVOVA
Lyubka Slavova is born in 1972 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She wrote from a high school student – at first only prose, then – mostly poetry. She periodically joins literary sites and shares some of what she has written. It was only in 2013 that she sent several poems for various competitions, some of which brought her honors. She continues to participate in international and national competitions and she has won a number of awards. Her poems are published in various anthologies, almanacs and in periodicals.
Her first book – the collection of poems “The Dream of Cloud Birds” was published in May 2014 as a prize in the competition “Love at the end of the cable” (2013).
Her second book with poems – “The direction in which I love you”, was published in November 2017 by the Foundation “The Letters”, Sofia, Bulgaria.
She is the Secretary of the Writers’ Association – Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
I wrote you a letter –
Sunny, even blinding…
So that you couldn’t read between the lines
About the storms in my soul.
I smiled radiantly at you
With my eyelids half-closed…
So you couldn’t see
The night’s insomnia in my eyes.
I touched you carelessly
With the gust of wind…
So you couldn’t feel
The trembling of my fingers.
I walked with you,
My head was downed…
So you couldn’t talk to me.
You don’t have to forgive me.
Draw me a wind of colorful hopes,
draw me a song of sea waves,
draw my dreams in blue – boundless,
draw me fondness, even if it hurts.
Draw a prayer with the blood from the heart,
draw a holy blessing with the veins.
You have to draw, don’t stop, don’t ask for a break –
for today you promised me to draw love.
And when your colors are finally over,
ask me for sunrise and sunset, and sky.
Draw with them a starry end of the night,
seal a child’s dream in a drawing.
You paint this colorful life for me.
I give you the colors of sun and rain.
You paint laughter, tear-drops and thunder.
I share the dreams of blooming rye.
In this strange drawing, you and I are together.
In this strange life, I walk next to you.
Let everything in the earth be strange.
I am love for you. You are the world for me.

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