Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu
Your name
I whisper to the freshness of the night
smiling I wish to stars welcome
easy step enters the castle
life got resurrected
magic of love embraces
sounds of calm whisper
heard are the most divine words of warmth.
The prince’s charm poured down the stairs of the palace
lightly like swallow feather
wide-shoulder covered the girl of dreams
went to the chamber of pleasures.
Light covered sheet
from gold-embroidered silk
undresses red bridal gown
floor of the virgin’s apartment got clothed …
… you think all ships are sunk
life has no exit
do not give up, seek interior serenity in the spirit
in core you will feel light
with wisdom, maturity, do follow it …
… anxious, scared, the needy one, do not pour gall on them
life is unpredictable
offer smile, worthy words…
… understand life’s happiness, value of age, open door of honor
it is faith
that crowns respect, virtue, pride, the title of being ‘Welcome man’ …
… annoys, intrigues, defames, trying to shame you
just smile
he lacks it
be sure you have found serenity of the soul!
…he acts wit, loyalty, crippled manhood
leaves the sin scene
go to path of openness, open gate of scholars…
… to the greedy, the vindictive, the devilish being
close the entrance
storms of future will strike him ruthlessly!
Created is the perfect universe
breathing beauty even further it’s beauties
I try to overcome the hidden lust
splendor drunks being seated on Royal Place.
imagination has found gate of the seven heavens
hailed by the sounds of interstellar space
followed by flight rings
I am melted into heavenly infinity silent voices.
From the depths the piano sounds
hugged by cosmic temptation
welcomes verses of poetry
the thirst of ecstasy infinitely springs.
I do wonder, whose are the divine verses
echoing in the poetic cosmos
in the secrets of the most distant universe
are they trying to flow amazing distances?
eager I float to the gorgeous dimensions
accompanied by millions of stars
without delay in the next spark
I heard galaxy symphony, sitting on the THRONE were POETS.

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