Stanislav Penev (Bulgaria)

Stanislav Penev (Bulgaria)
Stanislav Penev (1953,Varna,Bulgaria) is a poet, a translator,and an editor. He graduated from The University of Sofia”St.Kliment Ohridski”in “Bulgarian philology” and “Phylosophy”. Having a long professional life dedicated to teaching Bulgarian language and literature in Varna, he is also a socially engaged person focused on the problems of Bulgarian literature,as a part of the modern cultural developement of the country.
He is the president of the society of the writers in Varna,the president of the editorial council of the “CAL” (КИЛ)-a journal for culture,art and literature.
Since 2009 he has been the president of the literary society of Varna(SLOV).He is also the editor-in-chief and the main organizer of the journal “Literature and Society”-a national edition for literature,art and social life,which is published in Varna.He is a member of the union of the bulgarian writers.
His first volume of poetry”Intimate Cosmogony”(1992)was translated into Polish and published in Poland(1993).Six of his poetry books:”Coasts” (2008),”Wharf”(2009),”Bulgarian Sea” (2010),”Hopes on the waves”(2011),”The sky leaves slowly” (2011),and”The soul arises to sail away”(2011) were translated into England, Russian, Germany, USA, Armenia by the author and translator Vsevolod Kuznetsov, and were published in Russia.
During recent years,his works have been translated and published in many countries, suchas Italy, England, Croatia, France, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Armenia, Serbia, USA, Canada, Australia, Russia. He has got a lot of prizes for literature,as in 2020 alone they are three of them:the big prize of VI-th International poetic festival”Spirituality without limits”in Plovdiv,2020,for achievement in spirituality and poetry.
In the sky
The parachutes of clouds
The sail-boats –
Heavy with waiting –
Follow them lazily.
In the hold
Of the summer
There is plenty of room
For memories…
But not a hope
For another
The intangibility
Of the horizon.
I see the eyes of good fortune
Painting high-tides.
Goodness and humanity
Have again spread their sails,
Full of sunrises.
As a fruit of a mirage and urgent illusion,
I bear the catharsis of life.
I love summer apples
Even when sour.

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