Deepika Singh (India)

Deepika Singh (India)
Deepika Singh from Margherita Assam India, qualification- M.A, B.Ed, teacher by profession. Through poetry she explore herself and believe that right words can change our society. Some of her poems also got featured in Bharata Vision, The Poet Magazine, Web Poesia, Womensweb, The Literary Mirror etc.
Therapy of Blue
My soul was caged, voice choked,
A lifeless soul.
Azure blue sky, with birds soaring ,
Ah! so serene.
Wish, I could fly ,
Where I could gulp the fresh air.
Shackled with agony, I was drowning, sinking ,
Seraphim poesy gripped my hand.
Injected happiness into my veins.
With you I discovered myself.
Renaissance of new me.
I am Wordsworth’s Solitary Reaper,
Who love to be herself.
I am Rabindranath Tagore’s Mrinal,
Who refrain the patriarchal norms.
Oh dear ! pain is inevitable.
You taught me to muscle the brain with positive thoughts.
With you poesy I find solace,
You are my beacon of hope.
Waking Dreams
A new dawn renew our hopes,
A lively year with full of desires.
Goodbye to mask,
To feel the fresh breeze.
Hope that each child will bloom with knowledge,
And craft our society for better future.
Hope my dear friend don’t starve.
A place where women don’t live in a cage.
A place where ‘Unity in Diversity’ is not only limited to books,
But also echoes in our actions.
Shelter for my tribe,
Let my clan lie not idle.
Boon economy, blessed with advanced technology.
Healthy nation and bountiful smart village,
To work for the extra mile.
Corruption free my nation.
No blood-shed, only peace.
Hope nature will smile again.
A new horizon with strong zeal.
A year with new scope.
Faith that Lord gives strength to overcome our pain.
Together we will paint the sky with colours of love,
Which never fades.
Wanderlust to Assam
Life in Assam is like a holiday,
Serene and peaceful life,
Welcome to my land of ‘Red rivers and blue hills’.
Garland of lofty hills,
Mighty Brahmaputra fulfills our thirst,
Wrapped with lush greenery,
Ah! the panoramic view of morning tea gardens,
And the carpet paddy fields,
Gives you divine rapture.
My land was once ruled by lionhearted Sukaphaa and Lachit Borphukan,
Which have stories galore,
That electrifies our body.
Blessed my land to cradel virtuous Sankardev,
Who added colours to my dear Assam.
Auspicious sound of ‘Doba’ and ‘ Borkanh’ from Namghar makes the aura divine.
The advent of ‘Bihu’ drives us crazy.
Majuli is our jewel, one horn rhino is our pride and ‘Muga silk’ adds to its shine.
A nest for colourful tribes,
Always humble and dressed with a smile,
Untouched land is still unexplored,
Step your feet and become mesmerized.

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