A WOMAN IS LIKE A SERENE RIVER / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
A woman can look serene and shallow;
Like water in a shoreline,
She smiles even when her heart is breaking into pieces.
Never let troubles unmask her and get seen with a broken spirit.
She never let you see a glimpse of her true feelings
and her looks could fool the smartest guy,
“Pictures never change”
But the woman in there do change;
You don’t need to grow money in the garden;
*Many at times, she denied herself of the things her eyes desired
A woman is worth far more than rubies,
She gets up before the first light smile.
Her arms are strong like her womb,
Impossible is nothing for her.
A woman could please and win the favor of a king,
And the crown as a queen;
She cannot keep silent when relief and deliverance are needed;
As she feels oblige for such a time as this
Whatever petition has found favor with her
A woman cannot bear to see disaster fall on her family.
Like Esther the Queen,
Noble and regal on her crown like royalty.
A woman doesn’t fear the storms for her roots are deeply rooted
She is only afraid of one thing, and that’s to lose her diamond ring.
*context Ecclesiastes, Esther and Proverbs 31

One thought on “A WOMAN IS LIKE A SERENE RIVER / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

  1. Give her due
    Friday,12th March 2021
    What a woman looks like?
    who can tell without striking a point?
    there is no dictionary in the world
    that can depict untold miseries of woman
    we garland her with beautiful words
    add that she has been sent directly from heaven by lord
    she is not only a deity or goddess
    but real serene face
    less said is better
    only offer
    and grant her respectable status
    and simply put trust
    she has meaning in wo-man
    the real caretaker of human beings
    where she longs for no favour
    or any fervour
    let us treat her
    and consider
    her pious role
    as awakening call
    if she has only sacrificial charcter
    let us give her
    the respect and honour that is due
    and view her from our conscious heart
    Dr Hasmukh Mehta

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