My salvation / Poem by Marcela Villar M.

Poem by  Marcela Villar M.
My salvation
Poetry saves me in its mystery.
With words knocking at my window
waking me in the middle of the night
during fear and sorrow.
Poetry lives in a forest inside my eyes,
and when I cry,
those words come written
on leaves and branches
falling from each tree planted
by this trembling hands.
Poetry rescues me over and over,
from myself, and from the shadows
hiding behind dreadful corridors.
I fall, many a time I fall!
I fall, and from under my feet
the abyss unseals like a dragon’s wings
taking me along in its never-ending spiral
of unfinished dreams.
My salvation is Poetry,
always coming to me in the voice of God.
©Marcela Villar M. 2021. USA

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