My poet / Poem by Slavka Bozovic

Poem by Slavka Bozovic
My poet
Poet, you came to my heaven at dawn
You brought song and sun in your coat pockets
When I let the morning out the window
You have warmed my soul and heart with light.
You aroused all the emotions in me
And happiness and sadness and anger and everything
But it’s not your fault,
I’m the one who let you think of me
You spilled words on the sunny canvas
I picked them up by telepathy
And she placed them deep in my heart.
Your words flowed through my veins
And they showed all your love for me
I felt incredible magic
So I silently hid them in a sigh.
How nice to feel your lips
Seeing your emerald eyes staring at me
How good it is to feel the explosion of the sun
And your perfume that absolutely intoxicates me.
My chest throbbs with happiness
Making a passionate heart sing in him
As he drinks the sweetest nectar from his mind
A poet of my passionate admirer.
Love and friendship
You put everything in your song
I afforded myself that luxury.
In the lap of your song, I am the happiest woman in the world
I feel like you’re my dream boyfriend
As you caress me, with the fingers of the cracked sun
Surrendering to endless desires for a hug
Then I gently whisper to you: “My poet, I love you forever.”
© Slavka Bozovic
Country: Montenegro

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