The ocean of love / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny
The ocean of love
Between me and the sun..there is a door
I see through, but hold behind
Between me and the sun,there’s a forever
Keeping me in a foggy soul and mind…
The darkness of the world,the viruses and the wars
The homeless child..the buggers and refugees
The viruses of hatred..the revenges and more.
Are hiding the the sun..the light,,as it should be..
A wounded aching brain
A turmoil of windy fears of tomorrow
How to brake the cage of pain.
that retains
Our soul of flying..with sorrow…
With our hands ,we’ve built
Spaces..differences and multiple cages
How can we demolish the distances felt
How can we live far from edges…
Love is The ocean reflecting the lights..
The bound relaying me and you..
I sail on its rhythmic wave’s delight
And no barriers ,to stop the human flow…
By Hana.shishiny
Marsh 2021
(C ) all rights reserved

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