ZULFIYA IS THE SINGER OF SOPHISTICATION / Article by Shodiyabonu Sultanova


Article by Shodiyabonu Sultanova


The first day of spring is the birthday of the famous public figure, singer of devotion and fidelity, People’s Poet of Uzbekistan Zulfiyakhanim. A series of poems written by the poet in the post-war years, such as “A Day in the Field” (1948), “Song of Dawn” (1953), “I sing the morning”, “People close to my heart” (1958), “My songs to you” (1965). Essays and epics such as “Moon” (1953), “Sunny Pen” (1967) dedicated to the bright memories of such teachers, creative people as Hamza Hakimzoda, Oybek, Aydin, Hamid Olimjon and others.

 Zulfiya was also the winner of the Hamza Republican State Prize for her poetry collections such as “Houses” and “Shalola”. She has won the Jawaharlal Nehru International Prize for her poems related to Indian life and the International Lily Award for her work on peace and friendship, and her active participation in the Progressive Asian and African Writers’ Movement. She has visited India, Yugoslavia, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Burma, and Austria. She participated in the first conference of Asian and African writers in Delhi in 1956 and wrote the famous work Mushoira (1958). Her poems have been translated into Russian, English, German, Indian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Arabic, Persian and other languages. Indeed, we are right in calling Zulfiya Khanum the queen of Uzbek poetry. We always treat the master’s work with love! The master’s works live forever in our hearts!

We have to mention that Zulfiy’s birthday was also widely celebrated at school No. 1 in Yangibazar district, Khorezm region of Uzbekistan.

Although Zulfiya was a poet with a special place in Uzbek literature, she was a real person with all the noble qualities of Uzbek women. Her life is a great school of example for us. In Zulfiya’s works we can often find beautiful poems glorifying fidelity and devotion.

The symbol of fidelity and devotion, the 106th anniversary of the birth of the original oriental woman Zulfiya is widely celebrated not only in the district, but in all regions of the country. In particular, a spiritual and educational event “You will always be remembered” was held at school No. 1.

The event was opened by the head of the district spirituality and enlightenment department Rakhmatjon Matyusupov. During the event, students demonstrated artistic and poetic performances dedicated to the life and creative work of Zulfiya. The melodies and songs sung by the young people were warmly welcomed by the audience. In particular, 8th grade girls performed “Mushoira” and 7th grade students performed “Fragments of Memory”.

Boys and girls of school No. 1 took an active part in the celebration of this date. During the event, the principal of school No. 1 Adilbek Ramazanov spoke and awarded the active creative youth of the school with souvenirs and certificates of honor.

Dilfuza Karimova, Uzbek language and literature teacher of school No. 1, added more inspiration to the evening with the participation of 8th grade students, preparing scenes dedicated to the works of Zulfiya. At the event, Zilola Tulieva recited the poem “Mother”, Shahlo Yulieva read the story “Woman”. The event was attended by poet Ozoda Sultan.

Shodiyabonu Sultanova

Member of the Writers’ Union of Uzbekistan, propagandist of creative and cultural issues of school No. 1, poet and correspondent.

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