My World is at the Mercy of Civilizational Narcissism (Dedicated to Dr. Zhang Zhi) – Poem by Dr. Jawaz Jaffri / Translated into English by Sara Ali Khan & into Chinese by Yingmo Sha

Dr. Zhang Zhi
My World is at the Mercy of Civilizational Narcissism
Dedicated to Dr. Zhang Zhi, A well known poet, Critic, Translator, and president of International Poetry Translation and Research Centre of China
My city’s lamp fears the wind
I scrawled a farewell note on the wall
And turned my back on the door
Here you’d hear people fancying the weapons
I put a knot on my voice quietly
So that my poems may communicate
With the tongue-tied city
I’m elegiac of the city lying on the rubble of atomic bomb
My poem took root
From the ashes of the city aflame
And the reward of my poem
That’s inscribed on the white sheet of hearts
Is the moisture in the eyes of Kenzaburo Oe
I’m seated beside her
Lamenting over demise of the city
which overspilled onto the earth!
They intend to force my proud neck into subjugation
By setting fire to my city
So that they may impoverish me
By destroying my fields
They want to break me
By leading my women towards human markets
I will
Prefer to die fighting
My world is at the mercy of civilizational narcissism!
Translated by Sara Ali Khan
(沙拉•阿里•汗 英译;沙英莫 汉译)
Dr. Jawaz Jaffri
Dr. Jawaz Jaffri is a one of the contemporary prominent poets from Pakistan. He was born at Sheikhupura, an industrial city of Pakistan on April 8th 1964. Azadar Hussain Jawaz is his real name whereas Jawaz Jaffri is his pen name; on account of having Ph.D in Urdu Literature, he is well known as Dr. Jawaz Jaffri. He has been teaching Urdu Literature at College and University level for the last 20 years, and at present rendering his services as Associate Professor, at Govt. M.A.O. College Lahore: he also remained the Chairman of both Urdu Dept. as well as Mass Communication (Post Graduate Dept.). He paid voluntary services for editorship of college magazine for a long period. Since beginning he had very deep interest in poetry and criticism. He remained a Member Pakistan Writers Guild, Pakistan, Pakistan Academy of Letters, Islamabad, Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zauq, Pakistan, Drama Scrutiny Committee, Punjab Arts council, Lahore, Adabi Baithak, Lahore Arts Council, Lahore, President Sherani Society, Govt. College, Sheikhupura, President Urdu Society, University Oriental College, Lahore, Chairman Urdu Deptt. Govt. Islamia College, Sangla Hill, Hon. Editor Monthly Magazine G.News, U.K., and Quaterly Husn-e-bian, Karachi in different times. On account of his literary endeavours he achieved awards from British Council (Pakistan)’ NAB Awards, and Harf Acdemy Awards (Quetta). Besides, he wrote several research papers which are “Urdu Adab Europe aur America Mein” (Thesis of Ph D. Punjab University), Iqbal Sajid Bataur Ghzal Go (Thesis of M.A. Urdu, Pujab University, Lhr., The Biblo Graphy of the books published in democratic era, National Book, Council of Pakistan, Asasa (Compiled by) The 1st poetic book of renowned poet, Iqbal Sajid, Jang publishers, Lhr., Kulyat-e-Iqbal Sajid (Compiled by) Jang publishers, Lhr., Punjab kay Paanch Sufi Shair, Lehraan Adabi Board, Lhr., Painda, (Drama) to be published, Lehraan Adabi Board, Lhr. and Kulyat-e-Ustad Daman, Jang Publishers Lhr. His poetry and criticism have been published in the well reputed magazine and journals (the list is very long). Being an expert of his subject he time to time supervised many pieces of research work and wrote column in different Dailies of Pakistan. Dr. Jawaz Jaffri is the discovery of International Poetry Translation and Research Centre, IPTRC assigned Muhammad Shanazar another contemporary poet from Pakistan to translate his poetry into English which he did very diligently in a stipulated period of time. “Wrist in the Clutches of Death” poetic collection of Dr. Jawaz Jaffri consists of marvelous poems and all against war, each and every poem imparts the message of love and tolerance.
贾瓦兹•加弗里博士,巴基斯坦当代杰出的诗人,1964年4月8日出生于工业城市谢胡布尔。真名阿扎达尔•侯赛因•贾瓦兹,贾瓦兹•加弗里则是笔名,这是因为作为乌尔都语文学博士,贾瓦兹•加弗里博士这个名字已广为人知。在过去的20年里,他在高等院校教授乌尔都文学。目前是“国立M.A.O.拉哈尔学院”的副教授,同时任职乌尔都语系和大众传媒系(研究生)两个系的系主任。长期以来他一直为校刊做义务编辑。贾瓦兹•加弗里从年轻时就对诗歌和诗歌评论有着浓厚的兴趣。他是巴基斯坦作家协会会员、巴基斯坦文学协会会员(伊斯兰堡)、巴基斯坦Halqa-e-Arbab-e-Zauq会员、旁遮普艺术局戏剧审查委员会委员(拉哈尔)、拉哈尔艺术局Adabi Baithak会员(拉哈尔)、国立学院谢拉尼协会主席(谢胡布尔)、乌尔都语协会主席(拉哈尔东方学院大学)、国立伊斯兰学院乌尔都语系系主任(汉桑格拉山),并在不同时期担任月刊《G新闻》(英国)和季刊《Husn-e-bian》(卡拉奇)的编辑。鉴于他在文学方面的卓越贡献,英国文化委员会(巴基斯坦)分别授予他NAB奖和哈尔夫学术奖(奎塔)。除此以外,他还有多篇学术研究论文发表,如《Urdu Adab Europe aur America Mein》(旁遮普大学博士论文)、《伊克巴尔•萨基德Bataur Ghzal Go》(旁遮普大学乌尔都语硕士论文)、《民主时代出版书籍中的圣经描记法》(巴基斯坦文化委员会国家书局出版社)、《Asasa著名诗人的首本诗集》(编辑,伊克巴尔•萨基德,杨出版社,拉哈尔)、《Kulyat-e-Iqbal Sajid》(编辑,杨出版社,拉哈尔)、《旁遮普 kay Paanch Sufi Shair》(Lehraan Adabi董事会,拉哈尔)、《Painda》(剧本,即将出版,Lehraan Adabi董事会,拉哈尔)、以及《Kulyat-e-Ustad Daman》(杨出版社,拉哈尔)。他的诗歌和诗歌评论在多个著名杂志期刊上发表(恕不逐一列举)。作为学科专家,他多次指导学术研究项目,并担任巴基斯坦各大报纸的专栏作家。贾瓦兹•加弗里博士被“国际诗歌翻译研究中心”发现后,该中心找到另一位巴基斯坦的当代诗人穆罕默德•沙纳扎尔,委派他将贾瓦兹•加弗里博士的诗歌翻译成英语。穆罕默德•沙纳扎尔认真准时地完成了翻译工作。贾瓦兹•加弗里博士的诗集《死亡钳住的手腕》中的优秀诗歌均为反战主题,每一首都充满宽容和仁爱。
沙英莫,笔名辑熙,文学硕士,就读于重庆市四川外国语大学;南京大学-约翰斯•霍普金斯大学中美文化研究中心第34届证书班学生。热爱旅行,喜欢摄影,关心公益,曾于2016年作为一名国际志愿者前往马来西亚参与了一个名为“Green Camp”的环保项目。闲暇时也喜欢诗歌翻译和写作,诗歌偶有发表。
Yingmo Sha
Yingmo Sha, whose pen name is Jixi,is a graduate student at Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing,and she was also the student of the 34th Certificate Class of the Nanjing University-Johns Hopkins University Sino-American Culture Research Center. Sha is a traveler and a photography who also cares about the public welfare. In 2016, she went to Malaysia as an international volunteer and participated in an environmental protection project called “Green Camp”. In her spare time, Sha also likes poetry translation and writing, and has published dozens of poems.


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