Bossa Nova / Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic

Poem by Maja Herman Sekulic
Bossa Nova
My diary ended suddenly
When, remember, the rain fell over Ipanema
And in our eyes we still held
Turquoise, tourmaline and topaz sparks
From the shiny lapidarium
And my straight hair curled up
But not from the eternal humidity
It spoke for me
It is important to stay silent about the most precious moment
We were in search of bossa nova
While in the streets police patrols were killing boys
And the enormous Christ was constantly pointing his finger
From Corcovado
the huge shadow of his broad shoulders
covering coffee plantations in the Tijuca jungles –
it was necessary to survive the eternity of the rain forest
to accept the truth of Nature
We were in search of bossa nova
While next to us longlegged mulattas where for sale
And everbody looked too joyfull
On the verge of sickness while dancing samba
Under the elaborate masques of the sweaty carnival
And we just found out that carioca means a white man’s house
And that there are more lights from favelas than there are stars
And that we sailed north on the boat to arrive to the South
To clear bays of the dark island
Into blue veins of a giant who, they say, is awakening
But I know is still in deep sleep
And that in his dream realm
He cannot be more calm than that rain over Ipanema
While pocking dots in the beach sand
And leaving teardrops in my diary
©️Maja Herman Sekulic

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