Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
God Knows Why…
God knows why
I try,
To fly with birds of beauty,
With clouds so high,
God knows why,
I try
To visit the unidentified land,
Unoccupied isle,
Unicode in unique line,
Union of human souls,,,
Wet, warm and dry,,,
God knows why,,,
I try
To heal the displaced baby,
The downtrodden kid,
The wild weed in the mud,
Pray be safe from cry,,,
God knows why,,,,
I try,
To deal in docile norms,
Among offers of charms,
Enveloped gifts, all covered up,
Unfathomed gems, wrapped up,
As blood runs in veins,,
Flesh coated with skin color,,,
The same color seems in,
Human blood, flesh and bone,
God knows why,,,
People feel different and alone,
Similarities make the sense,,
Heart never gets proof,
A human heart,
Tenderly sweet,
Not a commodity to buy,
God knows why,,,,
Guys try….
Instinctively In
Sporadic feelings..
Rising from the core..
Swelling from inner choices..
Proceed to the paradise..
As the philosopher wise….
Instinctively in,,,,
At the space of spacious border,,
As the blatant boss…
In infinite cosmos…
In the innate way…
All stuff goes
Instinctively in,,,,,
In impassive impressions..
Lots of emotions,,,,
As lotions
For peaceful human body,,,,,
Instinctively in,,,,,,
As fishes of variety,,,,
Jump and fly…
Upper and lower.,,,
As hide and seek,,,,
Kids in glimmering light,
Instinctively in,,,
Cups of coffee in try…
Two souls on the bay,,,,
Ferreting out the way,,,,,
In the flight of fay,,,,,,
Instinctively in,,,,,
A Witty Queen
A witty queen captures salubrious spirit…
For reciprocal reign,,,,
Surrounded by sagacious soul,
She kindles a candle in gloom,,,
Sitting on the uninhabited throne,,,
Without obvious crown,,,,,
She wins the shining star,,,
By making intermission from the murk,,,,
And escaping from the dark,,,
A witty queen gets gut,,,
By eating sugar coated nut,
And devouring sweet milky porridge,,,,
And sings like partridge,,,,
On the beach of waters,,,
Under the shade of bowers,,,,
A loving guard does guard love,,,
Just the custodian of cute baby,,,
Survives and revives in bewildering feelings,,,,
Yoking in jocund life,,,
As always in teen,,
A witty queen

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