Rajashree Mohapatra (India)

Rajashree Mohapatra (India)
Rajashree Mohapatra: Born in Odisha in India received her masters degree in History , Journalism and Mass Communication from Utkal University, Odisha and Environmental Education and industrial waste management from Sambalpur University, Odisha. She is a teacher by profession and poetry ,painting and journalism are her passions .She is a bilingual poet . Her Odia and English poems are translated into many national and international languages and are published in prestigious anthologies , international ezines and Journals
O Night!
When light is smoothly withdrawn,
the darkness spreads from your wings
When the bright moon ascends
in a cluster of light
You cling to the sky as love to life
A silence wraps me
A blessing all around me
O Night!
Out of your silence comes
my beauty , my grace
Comes the depth of my eyes
Aura of my being
I close my eyes
and sleep into your lap
Into its fathomless depth ,
I rejuvenate every moment
O Night!
Be my love
Cast me in your core
Meet me in my dreams
Let the endless sky bow down before us …
Now …
Now …
Everything around appears motionless
I stand as a statue in impenetrable darkness
Who knows how long
I would burn myself
Standing on the altar of agony
I stare into empty sky
With a broken heart.
I dream of you …
With eagerness in your eyes
you are coming back …
I stand waiting on this quiet shore now
My heart desperately search for you
And soul desire your sweet embrace
My anxiety for your passionate touch
Of course knows no bounds …
From a land unknown…
Some turn black
Some turn white
Spread like a carpet of shadows
in the midst of the night
I look out of the window
Memories come crowding into me.
As I sit in dead silence
And moments pass by
Grains of sand continue to sprinkle over hourglass of mine .
Moments bleed into another
And night spins web
of hideous darkness
Someone whispers to come back
Don’t know
if It is a call from a land unknown
I wait for showering light of the dawn
Where dew drops would sparkle With rays of embeded hope.
Rajashree Mohapatra
Bhubaneswar, India

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