Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash
“A warm dialogue”
After receiving her warmly he said to her:
I sent you a lot of kisses and an overflow of longing
Hoping that I might motivate the longing within you
Sweetheart, I missed you too much. What about you?
I missed your eyes, looks, and everything in you
Then he continued, saying:
Sweetie, your warm presence soothes my tender heart
Have a good time, full of love, goodness and happiness
Will you accept my beautiful bouquet of roses
With a smile of hope and a warm whisper?
Then he approached her ear and whispered:
O mesmerizing lady,
Your beauty is still confusing my words!!
Her face turned red like the rest of the sunset in the horizon of the sky, and said:
I am still confused whenever you say nice words
Which drop perfume, delicacy and sweetness
Time with you is love, pure smiles and heart whispers
The continent of longing quenched by your presence
May God bless you, your heart and taste
Thanks for choosing beautiful roses and words for me
With you life is a paradise of happiness and much contentment
Pay attention to your spirit, and rejoice as much as you can with your kind family
Your joy with it makes me extremely happy
My best wishes, greetings, passions and more to you
A sincere whisper of love from me to you honey
I love you. How much I love you!!
That day I wished to say things I had never said before
To do things I had never done before
To make new epochs between me and him
To draw new far hopes in the eyes of love
To throw a hymn into the melodies of my sentiments
And to sing while the passion enriches the nascent evenings
That day I wished to waddle among the trees of the jungle
To let my boats be lost in the futility of my grunts
To wander in the foggy climate with homeless moans
To penetrate the streets, roads and alleys with new hopes and dreams
To walk under the showers of rain while I am reciting happy songs
And to free myself from the names which caused my bad luck
I had never accepted to be a woman sitting on a vacant seat
I had always loved myself, and I will do now and after
No man dared to hurt me or disturb my pulses
No man dared to jump over my loving heart
Had those happened, I would have taken the initiative to confess love
I would not hesitate even a moment to accept love and thank God
That is how I strive to explain the situation while I am in the arms of thoughts
That is how I show a present fraught with the breeze of future!!

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