She is all women / Poem by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim

Poem by Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim
She is all women
And even in the drama when she sheds tears
There she disarms you, in the pain she proclaims
She keeps all her charm, that’s what being a woman is all about.
She shines like the flame that vibrates in her soul.
She, as a blooming flower that always delights you
She dances and she smiles, she burns with so much desire
If sometimes she runs away it is because she fears the madness
Of the man too much in love with him and his life.
All the women in her are like sparks
Of beautiful eternal dreams for the unfaithful men,
Eternal image of a woman under her parasol
This emotional song that the sensual man carries.
She, tender wife and mother, fights against the ephemeral
Of adulterous loves which make her misery,
She, source of light for the man who is lost
She, whose love illuminates in all the universes.
Woman to the end of her fingers woman of love or of joy
She, who sometimes hurts from such a lack of faith,
Woman who sometimes sends man back to his own choices
Woman who always believes, woman with a soft heart of silk.
Woman to say it well high woman in you all is beautiful
With you warm woman life is high,
Your cries and your gifts you offer with a word
Woman, the love in echo woman it is you the hero.
©Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim
April 24, 2021

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