Ambedo / Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

Poem by Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
There’s something lyrical about
The way you entered my life,
Simply poetic, you are like
The mystic verses weaved by my muse
Vividly, I remember you in my dreams,
As a lonely boy by the waterfalls
Reflecting on the essence of the
Ebb and flow of life.
There is Oneness in our beautiful coincidences
For long after you’ve crossed The Great Beyond,
Your golden heart still lingers-
Like a beautiful disaster, a dramatic tragedy,
Daydreaming amid the bareness of trees
Leaves have fallen when dawn came.
Our souls crossed paths in the innocence of youth
One summer day our Lights collided
Years passed we have gotten older
Then destiny made a way for us to meet once more,
The fondness for solitude we share
The worlds we explored only we can understand.
December dawned while you were away,
The emptiness brought me into the abyss
Searching for my Twin Flame
And one September morn, you chased the Light,
My walls collapsed, uncertainty lingered
Grief have stolen the smile on my face
Your loss catapulted me into the Ambedo…

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