Phd Masudul Hoq (Bangladesh)

Phd Masudul Hoq (Bangladesh)
Masudul Hoq (1968) has a PhD in Aesthetics under Professor Hayat Mamud at Jahangirnagar University,Dhaka,Bangladesh. He is a contemporary Bengali poet,short story writer,translator and researcher. His previous published work includes short stories Tamakbari(1999), The poems Dhonimoy Palok(2000) , Dhadhashil Chaya which translated version is Shadow of Illusion(2005) and Jonmandher Swapna which translated version is Blind Man’s Dream (2010),translated by Kelly J. Copeland. Masudul Hoq also translated T.S. Eliot’s poem , Four Quartets(2012), Allen Ginsburg’s poem, Howl(2018), from English to Bengali. In the late 1990’s for 3 years he worked under a research fellowship at The Bangla Academy. Bangla Academy has published his two research books. His poems have been published in Chinese, Romanian ,Mandarin, Azarbaijanese, Turkish, Nepali and Spanish languages. At present he is a Professor of Philosophy in a government college, Bangladesh.
Maybe you come and go every day. But I do not see
When the sun rises, I get it’s heat in my body; dew drops dies.
It is because of your coming,
Some of those habits remain
in my sleep , in my dreams.
Have you gone far, now?
I feel it in my consciousness
In unseen words with you
Both of us touch many moments! together!
While meeting you
I will merge in your being
I will be lost in the city of joy!
So for fear of getting lost
I remain far, far away!
See you one day off!
 The Thermometer Of Faith
I wanted some companionship in the daily pages of life
I look for people in the crowd
I have designed a thermometer of faith
While I have made a bridge connecting my words with each other.
Every saying and word of man
composes the dream of God
In the mercury test!
And Satan became God’s adversary,
Leads to apple orchards of disbelief!
 Plant man
I am a seed
I have been developed in tender tree leaves.
Basically I’m alone
I continue my discussion with me.
Those who come and sit on my branches as like birds
They also go away while talking…
I’m alone! Even I don’t know how much time
I have brought from the throne of Existence.
My dream dies
My body is dying
When my hopes get faded
And there is no answer nowhere!
Still a hope
Something is awaken in my heart!
Which is a stone-belief
But no existence in the weight scale!

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