Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
Minds and Mountains
Insurmountable is how we imagine them
Both Minds and Mountains
Foggy and slippery
Meandering paths
How naive we are
The mind bows down to whips of emotions
Like the mountain crumbles by
Lashings of wind and water
Caving into gorges and valleys
A mind fertile with umpteen thoughts
Germinating , growing , withering
As Streams enrich mountains
With a wealth of flora and fauna
Butterflies bursting with colour
Calla lilies hiding in verdant glens
Yet it’s the mind that stands steady
With its awe inspiring will power
Surmounting tragedies and facing traumas
Like mountains shield the plains from icy blasts and invading armies
Mountain to rock to sand to rock to mountain.
Consciousness is also cyclic
We need sleep to restore consciousness
To its fullest potential.
Water being the prime mover and shaker in both cases !
Copyright Lily Swarn 27.4.2021
The Bug
The little girl calls it
The Big Bad Bug
Her mother tells her
She can go to play
After the bug goes away
Heal us O Lord
Answer our prayers
Let the little girl
Hug her daddy
He is a doctor you know
And he needs to bathe
Even before he picks her up
I hate masks mama
They don’t let me see you
Your smile is hidden from me
O lord please take
The Big Bad Bug to sleep
It’s past 8 o clock
Wee Willie Winkie will be here
I promise to be a good girl
I’ll do what you say
You’ll buy me ice cream
Won’t you ?
When the bug goes away ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 24.4.2021

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