Poems by Wendy Mary Lister

Poems by Wendy Mary Lister
Silent Expression—
Somewhere else,
on a day like today,
the air-began to balance itself-
with odour of static light,
behind the eyes of
a far-famed God
One who took the sun, so
that he could paint the sky
with incense of infinite
His timeless repose-
His calming stare-
loved by a million
of fans—
His epitaph:
Death knocked at the gate
on shoulders of earth cloud,
he journeys on a guiding star-
germinating the universe
with love, with joy
(Irrfan Khan, Actor of silent Expression)
Annas Last Moments—
As her hubby moistened her lips
with a sponge,
I thought-
maybe she’s thinking
—why me,
what did I do-to deserve this affliction
I have two beautiful children,
A husband who’s beside himself—
So much love to be had —yet
I’m unable to hold them,
I have end stage-breast cancer
I’m cocooned in my own-lifeless
Vision is less focused now
I can see a glimmer of a shadow-
I can feel my head being stroked,
It’s relaxing,
even it was only for a moment.
I can hear the echo of those close-
saying they love me,
telling me of times past.
I can hear my hubby crying,
it’s heartbreaking,
I can’t stand it anymore,
unimaginable pain—
Words fail me
I can smell the scent of flowers
in the air-through the window
The light is reflecting
Birds are starting to sing.
And I am fading fast,
they’re praying
I can hear-the children calling.
Cancer’s consumed me within
I have the sensation of nothingness
Light is fading,
my eyes are blurred
I can feel a tear on my cheek.
I’m fading.
Last moments …..

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