MEMORIES STRUCK ME / Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poem by Mahmoud Said Kawash
The memories are attacking me frequently these days
They follow me here, there and everywhere
They continue to dance on the walls of my heart
After they had deserted it for a long time
Till I thought that they would not return at all
Nor would I miss them or be longing for them
I am here remembering those vivid moments
Which were used to flirt with my sentiments
To click on the thoughts of my loving heart
I remember those moments which stormed me
From a distance that made me a wonderful female
Under the weight of every beautiful, exciting and sincere thing
I remember how my story was a house of joy and pleasure
Since our first encounter till I was overwhelmed by some sorrow
That was the result of an involuntary moment of oblivion
Which was not in my account or expectations
I remember everything as though it is happening now
I remember our early encounters while the dawn was spinning its strings in the meadows
I remember being swaggering and hanging out beside you
Like a peacock in an ivory short and a rainbow striped shirt
I remember how my hair was relaxing above my back
Dancing by the wind as if it was playing symphonies of love
Adorned by a white rose that heralds the meanings of peace
Heralds the meanings of serenity, security and safety
Heralds the imminence of an abundant life of loyalty
Untainted by sorrow, depression and trouble
I remember how your gazes were following me
In all directions, as if the universe was for us only
I remember how we used to bring back the past memories
To fuss over the wishful thinking on those bright mornings
I remember how I used to listen to your melodious voice
Reflecting the splendour emotions and glowing sensations
Revealing the trembling eagerness which was combining us
Showing the drunken pulses confused between fire and light
I remember how your smile was glittering on the features of life
Showing the true love whose sweetness was still in my mouth!!

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