Poems by Maria Dulce Leitão Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitão Reis
Wide sad eyes,
with seven cloths of bitterness,
black silences cry.
Bare, gaping mouths,
scream for truth
that comes painted with lies.
The madness
starts to laugh in the darkness.
Hunger is also black,
no more colouring chalk.
They no longer sell,
pay one take two…
Only the skeleton remains
thrown into a common grave!
At birth,
I had green eyes of hope,
rimmed with eyelashes of joy.
I was happy,
for coming out of my mother’s womb.
It was a dark place
and outside there was sun,
a stream of crystal clear water
and birds singing.
My godmother
wanted to call me Cristina
but my father preferred Maria.
What I didn’t know yet,
I was learning as I grew up.
I learned that this world
was a depressing place.
I learned to develop characteristics
that would allow me to defend
of the beasts that faced me.
The air became heavy,
the river has dried up,
the sun has darkened,
shrouded in black clouds,
the birds stopped singing
and mortars and machine guns,
could be heard firing.
Time was passing by
and as I rusted
the weapons of evil
they became more sophisticated.
Today the world
is a place where you hear
screaming hunger and misery.
My eyes
lost the colour of hope
and now they are dark,
the colour of pain and sadness.
I wanted to go back
to the lonely and cosy place
where I came from,
my mother’s womb,
but there was no place for me anymore!
© Maria Dulce Leitão Reis

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