FORGOTTEN / Poem by Dasharath Naik

Poem by Dasharath Naik
Forgotten myself in the world of my words, a ceaseless quest
For my off-spring straight from the heart and the best.
Fortunately feeling pregnant with
the haunting emotion,
Fire of feelings kissing me and the world where I motion.
Freely roaming in the dark abyss
of my oceanic mind
Fine-tuning my emotions drenched with tear and blood.
Frolics treasuring my sensibility with the advent of inspiration
Fun adding fuel to my creativity intensely wild and golden.
Foraging my words I lay busy day and night till exhausted,
Filigree using to enrich my poem lest it should be rejected.
Foregrounding thoughts in the blank paper of my mind,
Fabricating with a bit of my craziness like a cute child .
Fondling my words kissing my lines
I go smiling heartily ,
Filaceous it appears and I sing in full swing triumphantly.
Finally capturing me naturally to flow like an eternal stream
Farther till my ideas connect my readers ,genuine and warm.
©® Dasharath Naik

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