WRITING A BIOGRAPHY / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
Stop the wind before the edge of a pine forest
just below these high rocks
under which are hidden catacombs
where blind mice reside
twisted in cobwebs of giant spiders
dripping juice from pine trees
and real stalactites and stalagmites
in my heart
there in front of those rocky catacombs
in the heat of the summer,
resting my small snakes and crickets,
tirelessly playing their summer rhapsody
rare alpine flowers grow up from moss
and lilies from ponds
colorful butterflies fly from flower to flower
and stop to rest
giving everything a new vivid tone
here I’m thinking about a tomorrow
in fear that soon it will go away
writing my biography in the wilderness
that will be read-only by snakes and bats
on cold winter mornings
in the light of the catacombs
with monotonous music of drops
and cold winter winds
while the planet is lulled
next to the hot stove
beech scented
with old tales of princesses and princes

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