Leyla Işık
As a poet and a writer, I tried to avoid lines of cold and contrite narratives in my stories and to express my sincerity in what I wanted and felt. All the experiences of the era that I have tried to offer aesthetically in some sections of my life and artistic and entertainment trends are influenced by the festives, wars, separations, desires, passions and beautiful constructions in my life. “Woman” and “night” are two indispensable elements of aesthetics and my poetries.
Although lust is used in a very broad sense as a word, it is considered to be equivalent to eroticism in the language of speech, which is used mostly in the meaning of sexual desires, even though it contains everything that the human being desires with passion and intense desire.
In my poems I can also feel that erotism, which is a kind of expression as much as emotions and thoughts in
bilateral relations, holds an important place but it has a more spiritual nature, and you can also see that the concepts of war and peace reflected in social sensibility in my poems.
When you look at the whole of my poems, you can realize that I have not stopped back from making innovations by breaking some solid rules of poetry. The language of poetry overlaps with the voice of its content. Sound is composed of rhythm, unique music, meaning aesthetic structure. I write poetry in free form by internalizing everything that happens in my life.
I will count myself unjust if I said that “The characters that I put forth are the timber of souls of nature, love, nourishment” as a poet as well as the new words producing, as well as a poet in contact with existing words sometimes exceed the boundaries of logic because of the power of the imagination.
Poet of passion, longing, love… I’m a love poet. With a deign passion to give a body that came from the ground again to the soil, that is, to the nature…

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