Mom is my First Love / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
Mom is my First Love
Mum, even though in your abode heavenly,
My terrestrial and celestial muse you are eternally.
Nutritious to my soul has been your love,
On earth or high above.
Indeed, you have been my first love!
Yes, you have been my every moment’s high,
The life air that lifts me up to the sky.
My rock, my caring guide, my strength
Going to great length,
The morning sun shining down on me brilliantly.
My northern star, shining luminously
In the darkest of days, indefatigably.
So graciously, so compassionately
The warmth of your voice in my head echoes.
Your hugs and kisses bring tears to my eyes,
Making each rainy day become smiles,
Bearable, brighter,
My soul becoming warmer.
I have always felt God’s divinity
In your love beyond infinity,
Yes, you have been my living God.
Chastising me but standing by me even when I was odd,
Becoming my dependable source of comfort.
Rendering my world, full of purport,
My dear mum, oh my great support!
I always wonder how
You never gave up on me anyhow.
Always being there with words assuring,
My worries, my fears vanishing,
My days enlightening,
Giving me the reason to push on
Every day of my life, on and on,
Till today,
Oh yes! from your heavenly abode, till today,
Pressing me to be better,
To have more confidence, my great booster!
Thank you for shining eternally
Your divine light on me unreservedly,
Thank you for being my main inspiration.
Noble soul for eons.
Even from beyond,
My gentle muse, my helper
My well-wisher,
My hope, my comforter,
My selfless giver
My constant motivator,
My source of power,
My greatest friend, my dear Mother.
©Pushmaotee Subrun (Mauritius)

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