Dancing in the galaxy / Poem by Slavka Bozovic

Poem by Slavka Bozovic
Dancing in the galaxy
Tonight your thoughts are fertilizing the sky
The arias of the celestial sound echo through the galaxy
Millions of sparks are born from the nucleus of the constellation
Those magical notes are rippling in my soul as well.
Following my wish, I danced in the fields of dreams
Carried by the wings of the night, I felt the spindles of heaven
My footsteps stopped behind the clouds
When I saw your silhouette, naked to the waist.
You gave me your hands, I thought an angel was hiding there
The magic of the body drowned in the enchanting eyes
I melted with happiness as your right arm wrapped around my waist
In that cosmic romance, I would dance with you on summers nights.
Author: Slavka Bozovic
Country: Montenegro

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