Poems by Hana Shishiny

Poems by Hana Shishiny
A healer heart
I am a word in your poem
Fragrant with jasmine’s love..
A pearl offered in a stolen box
To lovers..with flying dove..
In a spring bloom,a wild flower…
Abalm of lavender ,drizzled with rain
When your pen flows in timeless hour
My heart beats untamed,again&again..
And when in sorrow, angered ,or drained
Like a blues song,I drop with your tears..
Like a secret, I hide dear your pain
And hold your soul ,till the sunrays appears..
May 2020
(C) all rights reserved
Tear on the wall of life
Sitting beside his chair
With loving hands
With tender care
Helping his trembling fingers
To fight for life
When hurt, and lost
With hidden inner pain..
A single, timid tear,
on his cheek, shivered
A look, bitterly deep
A word, i barely heard
“how i miss you”
In my heart
A burning, again&again
I am next to you “i said
He didnt answer
A smile
that painfully fades..
I became for him the wife
To help.. To care
While he was missing
The loving passionate
Who used to dare…
How i will miss you
My soulmate.. My love
My home..
When feeling lost
My joy, my sorrow
My harbor
When i am hurt, the most..
April 2021
(cl all rights reserved

2 thoughts on “Poems by Hana Shishiny

  1. Love rich verses spoken of a bruised heart armored rich in love eternal.
    Powerful against the buffeting of time and flesh
    Still vital with the eternal virtues
    Of lovers
    Blessings rain upon you
    Beyond gravity and time

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