ONCE UPON A TIME… / Poem by Natalia Govsha

Poem by Natalia Govsha
I’m running back into the past
more and more often.
Life there is sweet,
like a candy fog.
There, an old mill with its
chipped wings
smashes the stagnant time
in the hot summer breeze.
And there the sounds fly,
pushing off the clots
of various matter,
swinging it.
The cicadas, hidden,
are ringing, straining
the air string.
Wild honey dripping
from the hollow
down the old tree
to the tongues of grass.
The crackle of transparency
of a dragonfly
vibrated for a moment
and fell silent.
The apple is filled
with nectar emanating
from the sun and earth.
And all my thoughts
flutter like butterflies
in smiling sunny palms.
And in the laughing sunbeams
I dance with a wreath
of wildflowers
around my head.
I hold the hands
of my loved ones
and my sweet friends.
Long time ago
they have left me…
They were a rainbow
in my distant past.
And I, like a raindrop,
follow them back
along the rainbow path.
© Natalia Govsha

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