An essay / Short story by Nodirabegim Ibrohimova

Nodirabegim Ibrohimova
Nodirabegim Ibrahimova was born in 1989 in Fergana, Uzbekistan. From 2007 to 2011 she studied at the Faculty of International Journalism of the Uzbek State University of World Languages. Participant of the VIII seminar of young writers of the Writers’ Union “School of Talent” in 2016. Prose entitled “Happiness Next to You”, “Witch or a Thousand Years of Life”, “Oppression and Love” have been published. SHe translated several books into Uzbek. Nodirabegim was one of the finalists in the prose category at the 2017 European Open Literature Festival and Book Forum in Sweden. In 2017 she was awarded the “Best Young writer of the Year” award for prose. Winner of the Amarantus 2018 translation contest. His stories have been published in national and international literary publications.
An essay
– Tomorrow is your day off. Be sure to visit some cultural place with your parents and write your impressions in the form of an essay. I’ll be checking in on Monday!
As soon as the bell rang, the fourth “b” grade pupils went home, carrying their bags on their backs. Even before Anwar took the elevator and pressed the bell button, he thought about who he might go with tomorrow and where he might go.
– Tomorrow we have to go for a walk, -he said hurriedly to his mother, even forgetting to say hello. – Our teacher said that if we do not do the task, she will give us a ‘F’.
– Alright, alright, -Malohat walked into the kitchen, -come on, quickly change your clothes, let’s have a lunch.
Anvar hung on the neck of Azizbek, who returned from work weary and also repeated to him what he had said to his mother. His father, hearing this, scratched his head and gestured to Malohat:
– Here, you take a walk with your mother.
– Why me again?! You didn’t go last time either…
– I have only one day’s rest… I’m quite exhausted.
– I don’t feel well. I have a fever, apparently I have caught a cold, -the woman signalled to the handkerchief that was tightly bandaged around her head, -my head almost burst…
Azizbek looked at his son, looking questioningly, “Okay, we’ll take a walk in the park near our house, do you agree?
– Daddy, we always go out there … please take me to the museum.
– Okay. But, promise me to be a smart boy. Okay?
– All right! – Upon hearing this, Anwar was delighted and immediately ran to his room: prepared the necessary things and clothes for tomorrow.
The boy, awakened from his sleep early in the morning and ready for the journey, waited two hours for his father to wake up. Then they had breakfast and set off…
Malohat, who met them after lunch, asked her son to share his impressions of the journey.
– I’m starting to write essay now, I’ve learned so much, -replied her son.
– Well done! Go to your room…
At the first hour of the next day the teacher, who had collected all the notebooks, began the lesson. She checked her homework one by one during the break and spent a little time thinking over the essay Anwar had written. She blurted it out for a few minutes. Then she called Anwar’s mother and asked her to come over. And Malohat immediately shuffled off, concerned that her son was fighting with someone.
– Anvar is an excellent boy, -the teacher began the conversation, introducing Malohat to the empty classroom, -he especially loves reading lessons, he writes amazing essays… Yesterday he wrote one essay.
– Yes, Daddy took him to a museum! – Malohat was proud, noticing that the teacher was summoning her to praise her son. – As soon as he got home, he started writing an essay.
– Did you read it yourself?
– Unfortunately, I didn’t have time, -the woman was embarrassed.
– But you have to read it. Children deeply understand, learn some truths that we did not feel … If necessary, they give lessons to us, the elders.
Malohat, receiving her son’s notebook, leafed through it with wonder.
“My impressions of the museum.
Yesterday I went to the museum with my dad. I learned a lot during our short trip. For example, cheating. My mom called her friends and they made arrangements to meet on their day off. After my dad came home, my mom lied that she was “sick” by tying a scarf around her head. And my dad promised me that he would take me to the museum. But, for a long time, we stared at the museum outside, standing near the building. And then we went to the cinema. The cashier asked how old I was, my dad said I was nine, I tried to inform her that I actually turned ten and my dad gestured: “Shut up.” Then I noticed a sign hanging in front of me. It said, “Children over the age of ten must get a ticket.” We bought one ticket. Dad got a good look, the movie was about the war. I fell asleep. Dad woke me up, bought me ice cream, and asked me to tell Mom, “We went to the museum.” And I agreed and tricked my mom. After we got on the bus, we sat next to a beautiful girl. Dad, showed and introduced me to her that I was his nephew. My aunt gave me candy. Mother, who met us at home, recovered. Mother was getting money from Daddy and said: “They collect it at school.” But, she didn’t give me any. I went into my room, changed my clothes, and diligently set about doing my homework. These were my impressions of the day.”
Malohat, who read the essay, hid her eyes. The teacher, realizing this situation, left her alone…

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