Jeanette Esmeralda Tiburcio Márquez (Jeanette Eureka) – México

Jeanette Esmeralda Tiburcio Márquez (Jeanette Eureka)
“Let’s dream big and make reality bigger than our dreams, let’s dream together from Mexico, in a humanity immersed in art, science, and the culture of love and respect.”.
The Ambassador and Dr. PhD Jeanette Esmeralda Tiburcio Márquez (Jeanette Eureka)
Jeanette is a leader of transformation in education, culture and arts. She is a big promotor of values in the unfolding of innovation and the design of new schemes, is an international speaker, audiovisual producer and teacher. Since 29 years ago she had been working as a Mathematics Teacher for different academic levels, proud of having the opportunity to be in classrooms using different formats. She has an special fascination teaching mathematics through her “Eureka´s methodology!”, that gives the origin to her pseudonym and also gives name to one of the academic institutions she leads since 17 years ago. Doctorate Honoris Causa by the IFCH in Morocco, she owns eight Doctorates Honoris Causa in 4 continents awarded by institutions as El Claustro Doctoral Honoris Causa, endorsed by the Humanistic University from Mexico, Tamaulipas North University, Empresarios National College of the IPN, as well as the Paulo Freire Professional Advisory Center and the Association of Educators of Latin America and the Caribbean grants Doctor Honoris Causa in Higher Education recognized by multiple institutions such as UABJOITFIPADETECUSAC CUNSUROC, AELAC BASED IN CUBA INTEGRATED BY COUNTRIES: Argentina, Aruba, Bolivia, Brazil , Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Chile, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela. Doctorate Honoris Causa in Morocco, Nigeria, Switzerland, India, Peru, Haiti, Mexico and the Caribbean.
In some countries she is known as the Mexican pandora’s box because the multiple activities that Eureka develops tirelessly and with her mission of transforming from the arts, academy and culture, she is recognized worldwide as an ambassador of peace and humanity, a humanitarian leader representing Mexico, invited to different meetings and purposeful dissertations for her mission of peace in the world from the Kingdom of Morocco. With Master’s studies in Language Education and in Educational Research and Innovation. Graduated from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México (UNAM) of the Faculty of Architecture and with studies as a Bachelor in Pedagogy, she develops curricular adjustments to respond to the new needs of current generations, which she has in constant study and accompaniment. Certified with Honors by the World peoples forum TWPF @ BTYA. Awarded for excellence as a woman of peace in Morocco by the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity. Dr. Avinash Sukunde grants him from India the International recognition “The Real Heroes of India”, for his humanitarian work through the arts, education, and culture in the preservation of world peace. The Fundación Cultural Forjadores de Mexico A.C. Stellar Edition awards her the Forjadores de México award for the service to the Nation and his path and leadership in Mexico. Named as Woman of the Year for 2021. Named a World and Hispano-American Award “Plumas de Oro” for his meritorious career in peace activism and human rights endorsed by AEADO of Peru endorsed by the Association of Writers and Artists of the Orb. The Arab Group for Peace and Coexistence recognizes her with the honorary certificate as Ambassador for the Harmony of Nations awarded by Dr. Salah Hassan, for the efforts to spread art, culture and peace in the world. She was the National Coordinator at Fundación Televisa in Mexico of the national social program dedicated to Mexican early childhood education in 30 States of the Mexican Republic and to generate favorable conditions for their development. She is currently working on support programs to favor children in the world. She receives the award of teaching excellence by the Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey on twice consecutive occasions also receives twice consecutive years the state award for Extraordinary People in Education by the Queretano Council of Education, is appointed ambassador of peace for indigenous communities. Co-founder of Cabina 11 Global, digital media. National Journalism Award which comes to satellite TV, for which she wins the Golden Sun award in 2018 developing audiovisual production with value in content that seeks to positively impact youth, with the mindset of supporting position of Latino talents and disseminating the projects of Mil Minds for Mexico and Eureka! accelerated learning. Producer of series and television programs.
Since 2000, she has been the editorial director of different Mexican sociocultural and artistic magazines. Together with the Pedagogue College, psychopedagogues and education professionals, she founded Educación 8.0 to reform high school education in Mexico. She is an active member of “Grandeza de las Mujeres Mexicanas”. Lifetime President of the Moroccan Mexican Doctoral Council endorsed by the authorities of the Kingdom of Morocco. In 2020 Master Francisco Garzón Céspedes informs her that she is the winner of the IberoAmerican Shaman Orality Award from the chair of scenic oral narrators from Madrid, Spain, pending to be delivered by 2021. She obtained the National Award for Extraordinary Person in Education. The Instituto Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey has recognized her on 2 occasions for her contributions to Education in Mexico from the applied didactics of mathematics. She is the Founder of Mexicanos en Red, a Mexican publishing house, is the founder of the Festival México Vivo por la Paz, is the president of the National Peace Council, and is the President of the International Council for the National Awards of Art and Culture MMM. President of the International Council of Education of MMM.
She is the founder of the Congress Lobo Mexicano Entrepreneur. She is president of the state awards for women who transform “that good vibes girl” with the support of the Secretaría Estatal de la Juventud del Estado de Querétaro with whom she develops different artistic and cultural projects. The Forjadores de México Foundation gave her the national award to the Woman of the Year 2021 for her merits to the nation and was named as Forjadora de Nuestro México by 2020 and is a lifetime advisor of this illustrious institution. He enters the Doctoral Faculty for 2020 and receives the highest decoration together with Elena Poniatowska. She is currently developing different educational, cultural and artistic projects. A digital television series with more than 120 Mexican talents from the organization it represents. She is co-founder of Educación 8.0 in conjunction with the College of pedagogues, psychopedagogues and professionals of education A.C. It collaborates in direct alliance with the Council of the Chronicle of Mexico City, the Juan Rueda Ortiz Academy of Letters in Spain and Latin America, the National Poetry Academy, the Academy of Geography and History, the University of Salamanca, the DNA of Mexico, the Chamber of Deputies. H. Congress of the Union, the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Catholic University, the Dicormo Institute, the UNIQ International University, the University of the Nations in Mexico and Latin America, with Cultura Cahue and its historical operas, is Manager of Dr. Bartholomeus Henri Van de Velde, founder of the Carlo Magno Orchestra in Europe and some other allied organizations such as the Emiliano Zapata Foundation and the Sons of the Revolution, the College of Pedagogues, the Voice for Peace Network, the Arena y Luna Collective, La Maestra Ivonne Moreno Uscanga, the Foundation 500 years of the Veracruz, the Greatness of Mexican Women, the Corregidoras AC to mention some close allies, with the same vision of transformation of Mexico and the world.
In turn, she is a member of UN75 of the United Nations where she collaborates with his ideas of international cooperation with Dr. Yosep Kang. Activist for the Planet who develops sustainable development proposals for GOALS SUSTENTABLE DEVELOPMENT. She is a proud active member of the Greatness of Mexican Women, as well as an enthusiastic member and ambassador of the Peace and Development Committee in North Africa. She is an honorary and lifetime Ambassador Advisory Councilor at the International Forum of Creativity and Humanity in the Kingdom of Morocco.
She is the Lifetime President of MIL MENTES POR MÉXICO, of the MMM National Art and Culture Awards, of the International Art and Culture Awards, of the Mexican Moroccan Alliance together with Dr. Aziz Mountassir, founder of AHCASA Morocco, Mexico and the world. She is a Counselor of different institutions in the world, to mention. Lifetime President and Founder of the Doctoral Dissertation Council together with Dr. Aziz Mountassir, for the delivery of high degrees from Alliance Morocco Mexican Culture Art Humanity and Peace, Morocco. Global Director of International Relations of the IFCH of the Kingdom of Morocco and of the OACG Organization of Art Creativity and Goodwill, Morocco. She is President and Founder of the delivery of different Awards and Recognitions worldwide, highly respected in the cultural and social field. She collaborates with different organizations in the world to develop Congresses, Seminars, Workshops and lines of connection to underpin the growth of childhood and youth in the world.
Intoxicating seduction
You knocked on the door in a discreet way
You secretly spoke of full moments
You showed the excess, the addiction and the joy
Seducing everything with exposed poison.
You walked here and there
Living together in the neighbor’s house
In the friend’s bed and in the same solitude …
Intoxicating dehumanization …
I feel you … you deplete everything … you upset.
You have been registered in a thousand ways
As you get into people’s lives
You slip into the crib of children,
Stealing your childhood, surprise and goodness.
Lashes of pain and I realize
How little am I feeling!
The soul loses its warmth,
Difficult to talk about life …
In these days, in which we are dying …
Farewells are not left to wait
And it is not coronavirus, no! it is you, clothed with unconsciousness,
It is you !, arrogant, vile, it is you who brag …
Suffocating and seductive, you call yourself the winner.
I recognize your aroma, you have tried to seduce me in your embers,
I know of the exposed sores that you leave when you hug, nothing is the same again, we are still
alive, but we are dying
And when we wake up we lose our judgment due to excess consciousness.
We are not that strong, nor eternal, nor immovable
When you slam the door, you destroy locks.
But no, you will not win … You will not win!
-Nona tucks the children in, embraces her story and takes her away from here.
I will fight as long as I can stand. Do not allow it to enter …
Banish her … not my child … not grandfather … not my mother!
Where are you humanity? Has that invisible enemy fallen in love with you?
Do you think it is normal? I’ll go deaf to her
I will cling to the love and consolations of the former.
I’ll pretend it’s a bad dream. With allies I will rewrite history …
Embracing the essence of beauty in hope and goodness,
Trying to water the garden of life, asking heaven,
May we return to the ethereal together.
Guadalupana I am to death
Mother, here I am
grateful, fragile, vulnerable
loving you every day and blessing
to have had the happiness of being your daughter
your faithful apprentice … little am I in front of your shine
darkness next to your light … I just want
that my father allow me to be close to you
enough in this life and in so many deaths
to be able to wake up in a little of your light.
Mother, my brunette, I know that these days
they have not been easy
and that you suffer for your children, for those who are,
those who have left,
for those who do not know you and do not know my Father.
Mother full of roses, of unparalleled fragrance
of celestial light,
my mother of Guadalupe,
thank you, because with my total imperfection
you have allowed me to be born in you.
Let my body have the strength
let my mind have clarity
my heart the innocence,
endow me with allies in love and unity
to be able to return to the world in humanity from
This land of bronze you’ve chosen to stay
My mother of Guadalupe, inspiration of my life
thank you for your protection and for giving us life …
Guadalupana I am to death
Rhapsody Tequila
Blue Heart,
Macerated, fermented
Heart of light,
At rest and in ritual.
From your field to my mouth,
From your center,
A ray of force
Distilled heat in my landscapes,
Sweet nectar of transformation,
Gifted miracle,
Irreverence that burns,
Steam, Grinding,
Slow dance, Liberty…
We drink in fullness,
Beyond the senses

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