Poems by Monalisa Parida

Poems by Monalisa Parida
A veneral equinox has come
The king sun has journeyed north.
And the last snow and icicles have melted.
And spring days are here again.
Let me bask in warmth of your embrace.
Let me drink the elixir of your intoxicating grace.
Dreams forbidden, hopes straightforward, love that blooms in wilderness.
A rejuvenation of life, hopes, dreams and bright days waiting ahead.
Veneral days now delight as dormant buds awake!
Your thoughts make me crave more for togetherness.
Heavenly life, avalanche of dreams flow in your presence.
My fervent love thrives on hope and faith immense.
I adore you with utmost faith.
If the stars fall down
I will sow them inside my fragile heart,
And in the garden of my dream.
Nourish them with my bouquet of love,
Cherish them with joy and care.
When they will grow,
And adorn new born flowers,
And spread the aroma of love.
Then I will say,
Oh! Ephemeral life! Wait a sojourn.
I want to enjoy this life of brief pause.
Please infuse some essence and eternity.
I am not as beautiful as you expect,
But my heart is as pure as my love for you.
I am not as rich as you are.
I can’t even afford to buy expensive things.
But I can guarantee that every single day,
I will make you happy
I will love you as long as I live.
Your smile brings joy to my heart.
Like the brightest star,
Twinkling in the dark sky.
You are my knight in shining armour,
Sent by God from heaven.
Beautiful as the dawn and dusk.
All pervading as the sun.
My love for you real and transparent.
I can’t really let you go.
Because you are my true love for evermore.

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