Family / Poem by Sushant Thapa

Poem by Sushant Thapa
Family institutionalizes you
You build your first subjectivity and follow the rules;
While you learn to break it.
Your mistakes are soaked and dried in the sun and shade
By your ménages;
They are your pilgrims of a long journey.
Fam makes you learn your first alphabet leading to
Form sentences and an entire autobiography of life.
Family is the free university where you meet the first strangers and feel like them.
Even differences get accepted, and time does not steal
Your golden years of solitude and youth.
Nails that hold the family frame
Last as long as your soulful concrete abode
An alcove of memories burns the lighted candle of togetherness.
You begin from the cold steel hospital bed and
Make it to your decorated, playful bedroom.
The leaf of family charm grows and has a beginning.
It is a beginning with no end;
Like the binding tree roots.
Although, parents depart from your life as
Their age unfurls the carpet of time—
They make you the new leader with all the ideas to form a new family again.
They equip you with the idea of family to form family tree anew. Home is your first school and Family is your first teacher.

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