Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand
Nightly rain
Irresistible tender
Its gentleness
Religiously touching hearts
The love of kindness
Releasing pain
An open mind
Embracing inner peace
The pathway of light
Cheerfully breathing
A message of love
Ballad, fairy tale
Waves of fantasy
Just a little dance
Fearlessly singing
Love and happiness
Thanks to shining rays
This mythical fanciful
Exciting morning’s eye
Tells a magical story
Folk tales
Fascinating words
Passed on
Loyal smile and laughter
Dedicating to sustaining peace
Impeccable waves
Defeated wickedness
Sparkling blue sea
Hugs and kisses to the world
In the battlefield
Shielding, holding
Eyeing, opening
Creating, spring
Flowering, beautifying
Triumphing, beginning
Reading, exploring
Drawing, writing
Greeting, smiling
Laughing, glowing
Interesting, thinking
Learning, fueling
Unifying, something
Stopping, disturbing winds
Running peacefully

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