The Heart of P. O. E. T / Poem by Monsif Beroual

Poem by Monsif Beroual
The Heart of P. O. E. T
In this humanity sake journey
I’ll be like Jean Piaget
when he starts seeing the world
through a child’s heart
or like Alexis Tocqueville
when he decides
to walk in this endless road
to reach American Democracy
or like Charles Wright Mills, who established the politics of
truth through the promise
to be honest and pure no matter how will be the cost,
and like Spinoza who takes the magic stare from the universe
to unchain a hidden truth
or like Friedrich Nietzsche
when he screamed loud: “ Zardach , god is dead!“
when he discovered the world is getting colder.
and I wished over all ends or start within philosophy’s heart may our world be embraced by love song again.
Copyright: Monsif Beroual
under X PLanet book project

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