A Poem to thee my Lord! / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun (Mauritius)

Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun (Mauritius)
A Poem to thee my Lord!
Please, my Lord, make me immaculate,
Have a loving heart, with no trace of hate,
For the welfare of one and all, to dissipate,
Goodness and peace whole heartedly.
In fervour, with gratitude, down on my knees, most humbly,
From the depth of my heart, I thank You fervently,
For all our blessings, a million times, Great Being,
Thank you for displaying Your Omnipotence, omniscience,
And for illuminating with Your Transcendence.
I implore you to shed a ray of Your divine essence,
And bestow on all of us your bounteousness.
Our ever-thoughtful Lord Almighty,
Save us from debilitating sickness by Your Mercy.
And please teach us all to act accordingly,
To safeguard the precious lives of everybody.
By our ignorance, we are jeopardizing the safety
Of so many innocent beings, recklessly.
We have had enough of suffering oh Lord! Graciously,
Be there, please forgive us for our wrongs and act imminently!
Please do not delay,
For so many are dying every day.
We are in a dire plight,
Please bestow on us Your divine light,
By your great might!
©Pushmaotee Subrun

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