Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty

Poems by Smruti Ranjan Mohanty
Smile a bit
I will return you the moments,
once you cherished and longed for.
Give me the touch,
I will take you to that land of wonders,
where you will find none,
but me and me only.
Give me that feeling,
I will give wings to the dreams,
once you dreamt but remained unrealised.
Get up!
never say gone are the days,
never say it is all over,
or else we will miss the bus
once again.
You have it in you,
I have it in me.
Let us search for that lost paradise,
and look at life through a pair of young eyes
Don’t say
there is darkness around
as you do not see light.
There is no light
coz you have closed your eyes
out of fear, frustration and anxiety.
Be brave
Open your eyes
Face the adversity with guts and will
The storm will abate
paving the way for sunrise.
That is what life is,
light and shade,
ebb and tide.
Light and darkness,
sorrow and happiness,
neither is permanent
except your will to fight and survive,
accommodate and live.
Many a battle we have fought,
lost a few, won a lot.
But our instinct to win and survive
remained intact.
Remained intact our zeal
to come out with flying colours
against all odds in our journey towards
We know how to fight.
Only we are to discover the fighter in us
who fought with empty hands against caprices of nature, diseases, squalor and
adversities insurmountable for which
we are what we are right now,
at the pinnacle of glory.
Let us find that man in us
who has come all the way
from the palaeolithic age to the 21st century.
conquering everything
he encountered on the way.
Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©
All Copyrights Reserved.

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