Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
Spontaneous impetus
The Core comes out to cling cute,
Things tenderly pretty attract,,
Heart motivates in impetus,
And passions dance among us,
Words flow like flood in silly mood,
Good always move along the good,
Mind inclines towards cool comfort,
Love dwells and swells in human heart,
You make me mesmerizing man,
Shaping ecclesiastical chain,
At the time of trials and troubles,
Peace and love lie sticky labels,
Sitting before me on the table,
You are the best star, the best model…
The Bruised Cloud
Limping in the air,
Hovering in random,
The cloud seems crazy
Creeping in bottom,
Simmering in heat,
The cloud does melt,
Showering on sand
The thunder is felt,
Fainting from his core,
The cloud looks numb,
Feeling much embryo
Like the kid in womb,
Bleeding from between,
When dryness does work,
The cloud never leaves
Alone and never jerks,
The bruised cloud talks
And calls his colleagues,
They bring much joys
And blithering in legs,
You and Me
Hard to part with the sea,
Never depart from me,
Listen the tootling ocean,
And deep delved emotions,
Once ,twice, thrice, all nice,
Mesmerizing caprice ,
You have sentimental love,
Ecclesiastical gift above,
Making me such crazy,
Harmoniously happy,
In the floating feelings,
Hilariously much heelings,
Ruling over the rowdy land,
Tootling and tolling band,
Exploring the unexplored cave,
Gems of much fibres rich that have,
Plying in work of truth,
Bringing solace and sooth,
You and me deep thick trees,
Sticking and stocking bees,
Bringing sweetness on earth,
Joys, happiness and mirth,
#Dost Muhammad Rajper

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