Poetry is the queen of eternity / Preface of Baki Ymeri from “Sufletul cuvintelor” ( “Shpirti i fjalëve”) of Lidia Popa

Poetry is the queen of eternity
Preface of Baki Ymeri from “Sufletul cuvintelor/ Shpirti i fjalëve” of Lidia Popa
Lidia Popa writes about God and the light of devotion, the cosmic dimensions, the word and the soul. The word is sacred. Through it, God created the world. Through the word souls can be consoled. The word can bring joy, it can hurt, it can open wounds. Through the word we can express our love, all that the soul has after years of modeling, striving to see the greatness of the word, nobility, eternity and the desire to give them with attention, respect and responsibility. The word is holiness. It is addressed to man, to his soul, as part of the divine creation in which we see God. Being nourished by the word, we should give it due respect, starting with ourselves and then presenting it to others.
Words create our perception and commitment, without diminishing the diffusion energy, near or far. Lidia Popa writes about life, desires, metamorphosis and the anatomy of love that can be dreamed of or real. He writes of nostalgia, of how he enters the stream of time that is still alive, of the mystical spirit when the angels asked for planetary peace, in search of a way to live, to understand loneliness, of the steps that come without making a voice, for the animated heart of love, for gestures. Gestures can bring new suns when the shadow awaits you by the window. Poetry is the purest dimension that every human being has.
Lidia Popa was born to bring joy and beauty. Through the divine beauty of her poems, she captures the hearts, sympathy and enthusiasm of Romanian and Albanian readers. Lidia’s poems are an island of peace, full of love. We must not leave only the beauty of the artists, only the religious morality of the priests and only the practice of legal justice. Life passes and words remain. The author precedes us through the magical path of inspiration.
Lidia Popa is a special soul who loves, who sighs, who cries, who laughs, who rejoices, who whispers through metaphors. Ordinary people do not consider the full meaning of words, even when we want to give an explanation of their meaning. The inspired word represents everything that has happened in our mind. Lidia Popa was born addicted to poetry and she has the potential to attract readers. The beauty of her in poetry awakens the sleeping senses. Lidia’s verses fill our souls with beauty. The mirage of poetry gives her a life and a power, a right of civilization, of every kind of art. Before us we have spiritual energy, faith, sincerity and gentleness.
The poems of Mrs. Lidia Popa stand out for the sincerity of the word, for the texts they contain, for the voluntariness of the gesture and for the constant and conditioned devotion to the poet’s loneliness. Poetry is the supreme art that transcends and contains all arts. Poetry is what we love and look for in people: something light, bright, something we have to look at, feel, breathe, something that calms us, harmonizes us and inspires us. The biggest secret is to learn to always and only act with love. The power of love is like a medicine that gives you strength, mental and physical health. Love is what gives you life and is reborn. The secret is to put love into everything you do, because love is what awakens all energies.
Lidia Popa
Life is short, the taste is long. Flowers are God’s smile on earth and the life we ​​lead should be romantic and poetic. New art means learning to create and spread poetry around you and to be full of warmth, expressive, bright, vibrant! Lidia Popa is a great poetic conscience. Her poetry stands out for its profound reflection, always controversial, set both in the world and in the inner universe. Lidia offers us texts of exceptional quality. Her poetry is an opening to beauty, depth, novelty and divinity. The woman in Lidia’s lyrics is beautiful and deep, in an elegant dress, knitted with fine white lace, with her hair intertwined with snowdrops when dawn trembles at the sound of the violin.
The Romanian poet is loved and adored because she gives us lyrical lyrics that are reminiscent of soul songs! Life is an eternal light. Beautiful words are as sweet as mountain strawberries. The woman is the most loved being on earth, who gives us life and who dedicates all of her love to us, for children and adults, educating and planting the sweet tongue in our minds like a honeycomb. Lidia is a love poet: “I love love/ I love the countryside, parents, children and grandchildren, / I love family, friends and the sea, / I love fir trees and bald mountains, / I love waters clear and thirst for knowledge, / I love the view, the waiting, the distance, / I love Doina and the storks at dawn, / I love the peace of the word mother, / I love the altar of the soul – poetry./ By loving, I feel I am a Human.
The owner of this volume comes before us from the moment when our rebirth was published in Bucharest. Poetry is the sweet light of day that warms the sun as it descends from the sky. A blessed gift that will come from the moment you ascend to the heavenly world and from there, from the kingdom of heaven, he sends us his blessed protection! Lidia is a woman with unlimited love for her family, from sunrise to sunset. It is God’s choice for our souls. Woman is a divine gift to love men, through everything she does for us. She stands majestically as a revered angel, whom we respect and admire. Lidia is a bud in bloom in the garden of words, which brings us joy and hope. Her poetry is love, adoration, gift and divine grace with a cherub smile.
Traslations from Romanian of Lidia Popa

By: Baki Ymeri

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