Yan’An / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Flushing with pride as the warmth of the gold day
Bask beamingly in the serene impetus of Yan’an City,
In the north of Shaanxi an important birth of a Chinese country.
Awe and sense of mystery encircled the city of Yan’An,
Surprising with a degree of accuracy and profound identity.
Yan’An with its famous Yellow river in the city
Fall at Hukou, it used to be gray and depressing,
Yes, yellow river as in most days it is very muddy,
as it passes through the Loess Plateau where the birds
are imperiled like the trees as they couldn’t find each other.
The soil erosion through the yellow river
has been going on for thousands of years
Hoping, it will change this century giving much hope
to be a house of poetry,
For Yan ‘An forest coverage is doubled in recent years,
In a decade reaching a great percent of the rain forest.
Yan’An, the Red tour, tourist loves to visit
to view the historic sites of the famous city,
Their ancient tower built in Tang Dynasty
The ancient residences of its first leaders
Their museum and the very first emperor Huangdi’s mausoleum.
Yan’An needs a genuine applause
Like watching a one-act opera of Cavallier Rusticana
Every blade of green shines, tourists will no longer travel glumly
They will see an old experience in a new way,
Yan’an is like turning on a celestial faucet.
The arch of living color cascading from its azure sky
Fills every guest bliss in awe and joy
Feeling an intense and glowing sense of oneness with Yan’an
As if the cultural ancestors who once lived in Yan’An
feel amazingly proud of its rebirth.
Resilient Yan’An’s sons and daughters open up themselves to the world
Enthralled by the dazzling vision building their eco-system
as their country now has the biggest rain forest,
It’s their people that did wonders and turned the yellow river
evergreen by massive forest plantation along their river.
Sheer bliss, and pure joy Yan’An,
O great people of Yan’an
The future is bright like the golden rays of the sun.

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