YOU REMEDY MY LONELINESS / Poem by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poem by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole
I truly and deeply thought I would be loneliness,
Forever,I thought i would never be felt happiness
Now, God has sent you for me as a curableness
That you verisimilarly remedy my loneliness
My heart beat is now active because of your love
Your love has enraptured more bliss from above
That my heart is filled with it so splendiferously
Changing my loneliness to be in an intimacy
Every dream of mine be activated in your remedy
Installing nice dreams to be entwined us so lovely
Keep lovable vision flowing like a tranquil stream
Your gorgeous love is now my trueness of dream
Your true love is now sweetly sweetening my life
In loneliness I always met with a mental strife
With our romancing, In you – I’m seeing a treasure
That my life will beautifully forever feel a pleasure
Your loving heart is caring me with any amount
But it has splendidly brought a joy of nice moment
Letting our togetherness to see a bright rays of love
Giving us a rapture which will be blessed by above.

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