AN IDYLLIC RENDEZVOUS / A collaborative poem by Nutan Sarawagi and K. Radhakrishnan

A collaborative poem by Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan



In the garden of my thought,
A rendezvous with her I sought,
A dream that I have bought,
Such a pitch of passion it has wrought.
It started with a side way glance,
I was transfixed in a state of trance,
Our fates are sealed in circumstance,
A stage was set for romance.
Her breath was loaded with pleasant scent,
It filled my nostrils but I am not content,
Flames of passion took me in torment,
Is this what heaven is meant?
Sensuous words expressed in husky voice,
It was like a music that made heart rejoice,
I started wooing the angel of my choice,
A lovely maiden of beauty and poise.
A kiss was followed by silky caress,
With intention to make seduction a success,
In all that passion I will ever possess,
How far is Paradise?, just a matter of guess.
She started to moan, beg and plead,
All this just increased my need,
To all my desires she did concede,
A moment when heart is ruled by greed.
Love bloomed in our hearts like daisy,
The longing hearts have gone crazy,
To define it, metaphors are not coming easy,
Drowning in passion, world is getting hazy.
In a love that wasn’t love lost
In its love as angels whispered from above
Love me as you within me
In my love with you to see
NO OTHER in it with me
Just YOU in it
as I am in me
In a love that wasn’t in me
Now just lives as if it was me
In its love no other to see
In its love just with me to be
Love me as me
No one else ..justttt me
Missing as it goes telling me living it
let me be ..staying within me
For you were mine never to find
in it another just like me
wherever you go ..replete in me
ASKING in me
NEVER telling me
Why weren’t YOU there when you LEFT ME
Never in it’s other to be
Wondering what was there in it to be
Come back to me holding within me
A love that just wasn’t in me
In you to find within its me
A love that was never meant to be stolen from you within me racing ahead of as if it wasn’t me
Just another love saying let me be
Don’t go away far from me
Hold me in you as dear to me
Just love me
Then it went away to another world
Where there was nothing left of me
Bereft in it lying within me
Nothing to be …not even me
Broken as I lay crying with in me
No sound left in it to see
A vision so sad deafening me..
Unable to go in it to be the failings
falling remains that lay within me..
Crusading a truth as ugly as me
Never to be its truth in me …in my lies BELIEVING me.. telling me in you what to be..
I don’t know who I am
Who loves me.. I am just another bit of me Unloved as I live
Unloved in me crying out for love Disparaging me
If this was the heaven you sent me to live..take me to that HELL in it to be..
Copyright- Nutan Sarawagi and K.Radhakrishnan

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