Poems by FERİDE HİJRAN (Azerbaijan) / Translated into English : Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi

Poems by FERİDE HİJRAN (Azerbaijan)
Doctor of Philosophy on Philology, associate professor, senior researcher Department of ” Turkic people literature ” – Literary Institute , under the name Nizami Ganjavi of ANAS, member of the State Council Committee of Family, Woman and Child Problems, writer-publicist, poet, veteran of the
I Karabakh War, member of Azerbaijani Writers’ Unity.
Love is pure love
endless, boundless,
Lived and burns in fire,
And… is the affirmation of life.
Love is simplicity,
Oversteping the boundaries
Easily broke down barriers
And… is an expression of scream.
Love is imagine
… far from the simplicity,
Strange in the feelings
… is the rage of soul.
Love is the enemy, spiteful
to the betrayal …
Love is the voice of humanity…
to the virtue…
Love is the endless sign,
of great love…
… heading to the Almighty…
which doesn’t fit no Earth,neither Sky,
Love is the clearness of the stream,
Love… is the sea
Love …is our gift
… to perfection in this world.
Love doesn’t remove the pain of grieve
Contrary … gives the sorrow to the grieve.
Not only torment to its target,
Completes the new grieves in chests.
Why does a person bear this pain?
He doesn’t throw his pain over his shoulder.
Lives in pains with great grieve
He doesn’t share his ” pain ” with anyone.
Because a person is paramount in love,
He returns to the path of perfection, here.
Living with high feelings,
Lover becomes… the slave of the beloved.
This moment – is the peak of life
Sorrow brings endless joy to the lover.
Worship becomes a mass of greatness, ones
Man gets harden ,when love is getting late.
For fit into the world
Turning to the wave,
I would to kiss the shores.
As the mass of clouds,
İ would roll down to the sky.
Only for seeing you…
Only for seeing you …
From the hearts of lovers
I would take the grieve.
I would dropping, drops by drops…
I would thrown into the sea,
For returning to the sea…
For returning to the sea…
Life … has its
… oddities of the moment
Breadth of this world,
Was narrow… for lovers,
For fit into the world…
For fit into the world…
Short life..
has its several sides
Stretching roads,
Is narrow, sometimes…
To the salty seas…
Sweet water flows.
After a moment
It too … becomes salty …
Life is changing too…
Like the season…
Sometimes it’s spring,
And… sometimes it snows.
Person – whom you looked
with hate … before
Through the time
Became … the loved…
Person … who walked around you
which you ran away from him …
Became to faithful … for you,
in difficult days…
For years …
friend… who turned per you
Became to cruel enemy…
Became wild…fierce enemy…
Giving a short graft …
to Guleyshe pomegranate,
it will bear fruit … next year,
sweet pomegranate…
Strange moments
Lives… in life…
Sometimes it’s spring,
And… sometimes it snows.
Translated into English : Mesme Ismayilova Aliyulla qizi
Doctor of Philosophy on Philology
Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

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