Sandesh Ghimire (Nepal)

Sandesh Ghimire (Nepal)
Sandesh Ghimire is an entrepreneur, engineer, Author and poet from Nepal. As an Author and Poet, he has written articles for several international publications including Srujan Panicle (India), Kametsa magazine (Peru), Homo Universalis magazine (Greece), Literary Portal (Balkan), Silk Road International Poetry Festival (China), POETRYZINE magazine, Enheduana’s literary garden and The Poet magazine (England). His recently published book is titled “Peace and Harmony”, which is available in world-wide stores. His books “The Universe” and “Sujata: Rise of the Tycoon” will be in stores worldwide this year. He has served as the chartered member of Chitwan Central Leo & Lions Club, International Coordinator of ScienceForum, International Coordinator of Srujanothsava, Coordinator of National Service Scheme (NSS). He is a life member of ARTDO International. He is also the Peace ambassador for Nepal to Iqra foundation and is currently an official convenor for the Kalika School International Advisory Board.
I see a cluster of matters
Far in the imagination
Filled with some pretty colours
Scattered in the universe
hundreds of billions of stars,
enough gas and dust
to make billions more stars,
and at least ten times
as much dark matter
As all the stars and gas put together
all held together by a force
Known and unknown to us
Beyond the cosmos
in a faraway land
we are living together
full of magic tricks
no thoughts but emotions
no one to disturb the reticence
we are the souls
beyond the time and hours
Beyond the cosmos
Beyond all distress
we are the souls
living our free will
Shape of Love
Love is neither found nor desired,
it is something
that a pure mind
does on its own,
just like Ganga,
even after losing every sin,
she continues to flow in silence
Love also flows
in the core of every heart
while enduring the flood of pain
It is useless to control the thought
It is useless to try to remind
when it wants something
it does not see anything wrong or right
I don’t know how to move back
or I don’t want to say it
to make it easier
After all, what is love,
what kind of emotions does it address?
does it have the exact meaning of the word?
Or is there a picture that explains
that yes, it is love that happens
this is the shape of love
The Sea
Lookout at the rough blanket of waves
Curves and curls all around
A dark shadow passing over those waters
A rhythm of harmonic sounds
The sound of the waves
applauding and hugging the shore
The internal sounds of the body out
in the world’s biggest swimming pool
exceptionally blue with a slight green undertone
The surface looks as though
covered with millions of diamonds
crashing with the waves and kissing the sand
A dreamy sea has a rhythmic pulse
to it unmatched by any other part of nature.
It forges its sounds
and kindles its symphony

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