ALL DREAMS / Poem by Roula Pollard

Poem by Roula Pollard
How many years? All those years?
Years of hidden-stale hope, years of blood-shedding?
Why did we accept them as if there were no alternatives?
Now let’s strengthen our hearts by the divination of unity
Now we hold our will with new hands of freshness, evaporate
Now we the wilderness of hate. Yes, we open
the gates of friendship
Uncountable years of killing like passion.
Where are the fields of prayers to dissolve
the columns of tears from Earth’s crust?
Why, what no-hearts, what logic, now
are there words to hide their face
why they hide the obvious
why hiding its direction
stealing the entrance
of Peace?
hiding Peace’s arrival
why, there is enough land for all.
Reveal the color of their now darkness
And then, surely the waves like war refugees
surely a new kind of awareness, surely our determination
the current of Good Luck the humankind never lost
surely the crest of the dawn, all perenial
rain of blessings, the sunrise of new true Hope
new will, the preciousness of life, and we reveal Peace.
All rights reserved

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