Song of Pebles by Asoke Kumar Mitra is available on


Song of Pebles by Asoke Kumar Mitra is available on

ASOKE KUMAR MITRA SONG OF PEBBLES А Bilingual Edition Translated into French by Marjorie Meetoo I have been writing poetry in а general sense for nearly forty five years. Now after my retirement from the job of journalism and editing, it is only in the past ten years that I would consider myself to be а serious poet, committed to the craft itself and the process of publishing for discerning readers. The poetry writing passion allows me to paint images of the world with my words, portraying emotions and ideals in my own style and rhythms. Constructing an imaginative verse to draw emotion and bring awareness on various subjects I encounter. I am а dreamer, optimistic and spiritual. Poetry to me is а great mystery. I try to explore it. А pure language game of inner soul and inspiration from human emotions. Poetry is always а literary accomplishment deciphering and shaping our souls endlessly. Норе you will enjoy the melody of “SONG OF PEBBLES”. Asoke Kumar Mitra, Kolkata, India J’ai passe quarante cinq annees а faire de la poesie. Pourtant, c’est seulement apres avoir pris ma retraite en tant que journaliste et redacteur en chef que j’ai compris, il у а tout juste dix ans, que je devais me devouer corps et ame а l’ecriture poetique et а la publication pour des lecteurs chevronnes. Cette passion pour l’ecriture me permet de peindre le monde avec mes mots, de donner vie а des emotions, des ideaux avec mon style et ma prosodie. J’utilise une versification creative pour susciter l’emotion et la reflexion sur divers sujets qui ont attire mon attention. Je suis un reveur optimiste et spirituel. La poesie est pour moi un grand ystere, un pur jeu avec les mots venant des profondeurs de l’ame et inspire par les emotions. J’essaie d’explorer се mystere. La poesie est toujours J’espere que vous aimerez la melodie de ‘Song of Реbbles’. Asoke Kumar Mitra, Kolkata, Inde [CODE-ART]


Publication: Date 26-7-2021
Language: English
ISBN: 9781105834738
Category: Poetry
Copyright: All Rights Reserved – Standard Copyright License
Contributors: By (author): Asoke Kumar Mitra


Pages: 92
Binding: Paperback
Interior: Color Color
Dimensions: A5 (5.83 x 8.27 in / 148 x 210 mm)


Asoke Kumar Mitra

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