Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash

Poems by Mahmoud Said Kawash
An intimate dialogue
He addressed her poetically:
With you, mornings and evenings become bundles of magic dreams,
Beauty that tenderly melts and creates hope, optimism and joy,
Sweet breeze that carries with groans the scent of your enchanting perfume.
With you, mornings and evenings become as beautiful as you are!!
All the flowers of the neighbourhood orchards, are for you
On the banks of the sun, my heart flutters with your love
At the echo of your steps, the strings of longing sway
When you appear, happiness roams over all paths
On a special melody you are crowned upon the borders of glory
So you immortalise the image and meaning of real love!!
She eagerly and spiritually answered him:
With you, mornings and evenings turn into flowers of orchid, tulip, elderberry and chrysanthemum
With you, mornings and evenings turn into basils, lilies, daffodils and carnations
I miss you and seek refuge in your good heart
I miss you in the depth of the groans which inhabit me
I don’t give up, either I continue to love you or I’m martyred!!
I miss you in spite of knowing well that darkness will eat me slowly
While I’m waiting for the star that looms from afar expecting to know that I’m fine
I miss you and love the history that lies in your eyes
I’m writing to you while the cold is killing me here
So send me lots of kisses, so that the soul circulates in my blood ♡♡!!
Oh violets’ lover, come hurriedly and dwell inside me
All that in the heart annoys and causes pain to me
Oh the tattoo of the soul that tortures and exhausts me
Isn’t it more than enough for you and me?
Oh life, don’t you realise that I’m holding on to you
Through my sanity, madness and nostalgia!!
Don’t you see that I’m sailing as a boat in a rough sea
Lost in futility of sorrows, searching for you
To become happy, enjoying the flames of love
Which burns me and enriches me with its warmth
Oh love, oh, oh and oh
Is it love or a special form of madness!!
Oh violets’ lover, listen well to understand me
And to take me to a place of peace and tranquility
I got bored of everything in this universe, except you
O king of feelings, o pure of heart, o tenderhearted one
Please come as quickly as you can
Come to accompany me to the altar of love
Where we pray and reveal our hidden emotions
Oh violets’ lover, to whom I vowed all my lifetime
Your prison is different from all prisons
Yes, it is surely different from all other prisons.
All the roses and blossoms are gifts for you
The blue sea and green land are at your command
The ebbs and tides calm down for a look of your eyes
Everything in the universe is at your order
All are to you with all love, you the violets’ lover!!

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