Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
Wandering through the house,
through the garden,
through the village, through the city,
around the world,
looking for something
that fills my heart and soul.
I spent most of my life
looking for myself.
I found myself
when already about to lose heart.
Now that I know who I am
and what I want,
I am going to do
what I came here to do,
harvest love
It’s the mission I’ve been given.
But to reap love,
it is necessary to sow first.
Urge to hire workers
to sow throughout this world,
understanding, tolerance,
friendship, donation,
sharing, charity,
gratitude, recognition,
patience, altruism,
selflessness, detachment,
goodwill, help.
Let’s hope that the rain and the sun
will make the ears large and full.
Then just mow and thresh.
We take the grain to the miller
to make flour,
the flour love,
enriched with all that is good
to satiate hungry souls!
@Maria D Reis
Copyright 7/28/21
There’s a will there’s a way
Do not be afraid,
fight the fear.
Being afraid is part of life.
It is a sign that a great challenge
is in front of us.
Are we going to deny a challenge?
let’s miss the opportunity
to advance and win
going up one more step?
let’s grab the bull by the ends
with boldness and determination,
for sure
that will take us not to the moon,
but to the stars.
It can even pass through our minds,
that maybe we’ll crash
but enter the doubt
and what we look forward to,
it’s worth the risk,
conscientiously of course
with care and caution.
If something goes wrong,
we are strong and positive enough
to get up and move on.
it’s something our insecurity creates
in our mind
to inhibit our will and daring.
Fear can be neutralized.
It’s a whole learning process
that goes through mentalization.
If we identify the causes
it’s much easier to find the solution
There’s no reason to stop us
to make our dreams come true
or just follow our road,
calm and confident.
Fear is another bogeyman
like children’s stories
with the difference that this
passes into adulthood.
It’s up to each of us to defeat him,
cause it’s negative energy.
When we have a goal to reach,
we make efforts in this direction.
There’s a will, there’s a way!
©Maria D Reis
Copyright 7/14/21

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