Mamatova Kunduzbu Alimbekovna (Kyrgyzstan)

Mamatova Kunduzbu Alimbekovna (Kyrgyzstan)
She was born on November 29th , in 1965 at the village Kara-Kuldzha of the Osh region.
She completed schooling “Lenin youth” then in Jalal-Abad city she graduated from the veterinary department of the technical college.
In 1983-1986 she worked as a paramedic of the Kara-Kulja regional veterinary hospital.
In 1986 -1994 she worked as a secretary during 8 years at the secondary school named after Lenin of the Kara-Kulja region.
She is individual entrepreneur since 1994.
Kunduzbu Mamatova began to engage in creative work still a student period. Her first poems began to appear in the wall-newspapers “Corner for Talents” at the college.
She is the author of the collections of poems “The Line of Fate”, “Lucky”, “A Drop in the Eyelashes”, “The Rhythm of Love”, “Wave in the Heart”. It has been published in foreign publications and almanacs.
She is author for more than forty lyrics songs. Winner of the DIPLOMA “Best Poet”, “Golden Pen”, Honorary Certificates, medals “Mentor”, “Nobility” in 2019.
Serving as Acting Director of the Public Fund “Kyrgyz Poets and Writers”, head of the literary associations “Kyzdar Ai” and “Baldar Ai”. She is married and mother of four children.
She took a master class “Poetry” at the National Union of Writers of the Kyrgyz Republic and received a certificate in 2021.
She was awarded the Honorary Diploma of the “Manas” Association and member of the National Union of Writers of Kyrgyzstan.
Today I want to love you differently,
I want to be with you in love,
I want to mean a lot in your eyes,
I want the love that comes from you
To give me strength.
Today I want to love you differently.
Today I want to hug and kiss you,
I want to share my unspeakable secrets.
As a star to shine in the white morning,
I want to spend an excited lifetime.
Today I especially want to kiss you.
Today I want to offend you
And saying: – Where are the sweet words?
But don’t let me get out of your arms,
Let my head is spinning with happiness.
Today I want to offend you…
Today I especially miss you…
The time of the tenderness and the fire.
My dream is sailed on the sky,
My dream is sailed on the ground,
I hear how a disobedient heart is racing.
Today I especially miss you…
You are my brothers, sisters from the same nest,
I miss my siblings and looking at the road.
It doesn’t matter how time goes fast,
I wish you happiness, enjoy and wealth.
I want to rise so high and fly towards,
My dear siblings, you are my awards.
Beloved family, my all respect to you,
The source that is giving the brightest ray.
I will have been presented all the best to you,
I will overcome the obstacles of the way
Because you are my wealthy symptom,
The value of my life, the golden kingdom!
I ask about you, where are you now,
And when we meet, carefree tears flow.
What a pity – our parents left, but the hour has come,
You are young shoots being strong and awesome.
Although I am far away as a seagoing ship,
Attracts the power of the blood relationship!
My brothers, sisters shine to me like dawn sun,
My brothers, sisters like reliable mountains,
I’m in a hurry to see kins, to have fun,
I love and I admire my close relatives.
I’m going to the village, my love is religion,
Without siblings, I can’t my life imagine.
In excitement, feelings are like the strangers,
My heart is full of unfulfilled desires.
The whole universe seems so narrow to me,
The melody rages like a wave.
I’m looking for that star in your eyes
In which I will find devotion to myself.
See you, my honey, I want to hear
Heartfelt and tender words,
Warm my frozen hands with breathing,
Keep my hands warm so I don’t lose the hope,
Let the foundation of our love is indestructible,
Delight me, caress and inspire me!
Behold, my honey, the dawn is breaking,
Let the morning wind kiss my face
And strokes the hair when I am alone.
Today I miss and remember,
I am grieving and sighing without you…
What a pain inside me –
It is hard to explain the dawn.
Тranslated by Nargisa Karasartova

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