How hope is rewarded / Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis

Poems by Maria Dulce Leitao Reis
How hope is rewarded
When you least expect It
Facing thirst and heat stroke
It rains in the desert
Changing the bed of apprehension and anxiety
Into rivers of fulfilment
Flowing into the mouth of achievement.
I never gave up.
I satiated my sense of despair
With faith and hope
That never abandoned me
When I doubted a verdict
Which seemed nothing but fake
I faced the howls of beasts
That called me crazy
In the blessed assurance
That my intuition was correct.
It was the unsustainable conviction of a layman
Against the reputable conviction of an expert.
I didn’t give up
For innately I knew
The longed-for day would arrive.
I believed and trusted in the mercy
And in the grace of God.
I learnt that things
Don’t happen when I want
But when it has to happen.
In the divine plan
Time does not exist
That time was now.
On the earth plane,
I’ll call it a miracle.
Is there a scientific explanation,
When after 17 long years,
Suddenly as if by magic,
Everything was alright?
If there is I don’t want to know.
Sometimes for the better
God disposes of what man proposes.
I take consolation
In having been right all along.
I got to know the darkness
Of the inhumanity, a person can suffer.
It’s connected with callousness!
It’s true – patience is a virtue
The hand of God is mysterious
There is payment in goodness
When you least expect it
The sun breaks through the clouds
You feel the warmth of divine providence
If you listen, you hear the angels sing
The song of hope
Borne on strings of love!
I am blessed in the mercy
How hope is rewarded.
Thanks to you my Lord,
I’m happy,
Full of warm, loving breath
Because faith has always strengthened me
And hope was rewarded!
©Maria D Reis
Copyright 7/31/21

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