Happiness / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
There’s just no accounting for Happiness
That elusive lady with an honest face !
It lies waiting in the toothless innocence of a chuckling baby
Setting up its snare in the mischievous eyes of teenage girls
It gallops on sinewy steeds across the meadow of carefree youth
Jubilant , jocular , joyous ,juvenile
It startled me once, in the hysterical spasms of mirth
Cracking up a silver top, tiny old lady
Happiness sweeps away the drudgery of routine
It comes and sits uninvited on mountains of unread files
It tweaks the horizon with a beaming dawn
Gushing into the plains with rippling waters
Sneaking into hearts with whispers of love
Flooding the eyes with tears of joy
Happiness is helping someone in dire need
Happiness is lending that still strong shoulder
Happiness is sitting in a corner and sipping your tea
Happiness is priceless, don’t try to buy it
Happiness is the Gulmohar outside your kitchen window
Happiness is the veiled pride in your mother’s eyes
Happiness is holding a loved one close
Happiness is not anyone’s kingdom alone
You’ll find it even in your darkest of days
Simply remember to turn on the light !
Copyright Lily Swarn 31.7.2021

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